Preparation of Trim, Tyres, Glass and Metal

Trim & Glass

The paint is blinging. But minging glass, tyres and trim will let the overall look down. This is, after all, what detailing is all about. Ensuring that every part of the car is clean and beautifully prepared.

Trim. Textured trim should be washed, but can’t be clayed or polished. Even waxes may leave a residue behind, so simply use Tyre and Trim to give a good finish with no white/chalky marks. You could even use Detailing Spray on them. This will give them a nice natural finish.
Tyres. A thorough wash will get these back to their natural ‘dull’ finish, but consider using a tyre gel or other dressing to give them a little more gloss. Avoid really ‘wet’ products that will sling (rub or fly off the tyre) or attract dirt and dust. You may like to try our very own Tyre and Trim, which leaves behind a 'dry' satin coating when cured.
Glass. Our friend, the Detailing Spray will once again be suitable here, but use it with a Glass Cloth. These are more aggressive and absorbent than normal microfibres and perfect for glass. For stubborn marks, a dedicated glass polish or glass cleaner may be needed.

Metal. There isn’t much metal on a modern car, but you’ll almost always see a dirty exhaust tip hiding beneath a rear bumper. If you haven’t got metal polish, try using a polish and an aggressive cloth. Prep Polish and a Glass Cloth won't restore the Titanic’s handrail in a hurry, but they may improve the appearance of cloudy chrome.
Headlights and rear clusters. Avoid clay, but these can usually be polished successfully. Use a soft cloth with Prep Polish. If worried about marring them, use Detailing Spray instead.
Prep complete. Give yourself a biscuit. Only the protection stage to go...