Spring Wheel Clean Kit - special multi-item bundle - save £5.90

Spring Wheel Clean Kit - special multi-item bundle - save £5.90

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Spring is here (or almost here!) and money is tighter than a squirrel's nut collection, so we are offering a special Spring Wheel Clean Kit to give you everything you need to get those rims sparkling for a very special price.

First of all, you'll get Ferrous Dueller, our pH-neutral colour-change fallout remover and wheel cleaner. This gentle yet brutally effective formulation minimises the chance of inadvertent damage to sensitive finishes and contains additional ingredients to boost performance. It's not just the same colour change wheel cleaner or fallout remover that everyone else is selling cheaply on the bay. It's FULL strength. Yes, you guessed it... many in the market, sold for less money, are significantly watered down and take far longer to work (or need more application of the product for the same effect).

Then there's a custom Dodo Juice Kneeling Pad - a dedicated kneeling pad for detailers, made from thick, robust 25mm foam and in a generous 450x300mm in size. Why rock on your haunches when you can kneel on this bad boy? Gravel drive? Pah. Bring it on. Made from wipe-clean non-absorbent material with a carry handle and 'hook hole' for hanging it on the wall when not in use.

And finally, we have a large 40mm diameter Hog Brush - a perfect size for general wheel cleaning, as well as for sorting out larger exterior vents and grilles, the engine bay, fuel filler recess etc. Hog's hair brushes are superb for detailing duties as they have a softer, natural bristle compared to synthetic nylon alternatives, yet they are stiff enough to clean surfaces thoroughly, effectively and quickly.

Contains: Ferrous Dueller fallout remover and wheel cleaner 1 litre, Dodo Juice Kneeling Pad, Hog Brush detailing pencil brush 40mm. Combined RRP of items: £33.85, saving = £5.90