Hog Brush Large 40mm - hog's hair detailing/wheel brush with plastic collar/ferrule

Dodo Juice


Off your knees my child, no longer do you need to pray to the Dodo for wheel brushes, for your prayers have been answered!

Introducing the Dodo Juice Hogs Brush.

A lot of people don't realise that all manner of swine would grow illustrious moustaches if humans didn't trim and shave them. So instead of an unkempt look on a pig, we use these hairs to make chemi-resistant and non-scratch wheel brushes.

A plastic collar (or ferrule if you're a brush expert) guards against inadvertent scratches (unlike metal collared brushes), and a comfortable, yet grippy wooden handle makes this brush a delight to use.

This brush has a large 40mm diameter, with natural (soft) boar hair bristles. Great for wheels or badges. We do a smaller 25mm diameter brush as well (sold separately or together with this one in a small kit).

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