Dish Soap 1 litre spray - pH-neutral wheel cleaner for custom wheels etc. HS 3402909000

Dish Soap 1 litre spray - pH-neutral wheel cleaner for custom wheels etc. HS 3402909000

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Everyone tends to steer clear of acid wheel cleaners these days, but it's easy to mistakenly assume that ‘acid-free’ or 'non-acidic' wheel cleaners are completely safe, when in fact they can be extremely caustic. They can be even stronger than acidic wheel cleaners and cause even more damage and destruction to precious rims.

And even those colour change wheel cleaners may be a worry, with the purple residues potentially staining sensitive finishes if they're not rinsed off completely.

We have therefore formulated a genuinely pH-neutral wheel cleaner using neutralised salts and strong detergents, to create a wheel cleaner that’s as safe as it gets (whilst still getting your wheels clean). No colour change. No strange chemical reactions. Just good, honest (and SAFE!) cleaning.

OK, our Dish Soap won’t refurbish crusty wheels covered in a decade of brake dust or clean them as well as the strongest products on the market, but for regularly cleaned and sealed wheels, or for wheels with very sensitive finishes (anodised, chrome etc.) then it’s the perfect choice.

If your rims cost half as much as your car (as is the case with some show cars) or you have a supercar with high-tech magnesium (or other specialist) wheels, why risk cleaning them with the cheapest and nastiest products around?

It's better to clean more cautiously and kindly with Dish Soap than pay for a refurb - or replacement.

Available in a litre spray, the perfect bottle size. Just rinse your wheels with a pressure washer to remove loose dirt, spray Dish Soap onto the wheel face, spokes, barrel and rim, working it in with a wheel brush if needed, then rinse with water. Stubborn tar spots will need to be tackled with a dedicated tar remover like Tarmageddon. If more cleaning performance is required, consider using Ferrous Dueller or Deep Purple.