Dark Matter 500ml - dressing for plastic/rubber trim and tyres HS 3405300000

Dark Matter 500ml - dressing for plastic/rubber trim and tyres HS 3405300000

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If it's dark in colour and attached to your car, it's likely to be exterior plastic trim, the rubber around your windows or your tyres.

Luckily, they can all be dressed with the same product - Dark Matter, our satin finish trim and tyre dressing. (No, it's not super glossy or artificial looking. We're not a fan of that look TBH. This is a natural semi-gloss shine.)

Smooth plastic, textured trim, rubber or even black-painted metal, our abrasive-free dressing cares not a jot. It will sit on pretty much anything, making it look as good as new for a few weeks before it needs topping up again.

You'll get more consistent results on new trim but it also works on old or degraded trim; you may just need more of it or to see how it goes (some old surfaces could be patchy or inconsistent in finish if you apply a trim dressing... our thicker Taint it Black coloured trim wax may be better here).

And the best thing is that it can be buffed to a dry finish, meaning that it won't sling or streak when it starts to rain. It won't attract dust like stickier silicone dressings, either.

Apply it to tyres after every wash, and trim every other wash, for best results. It will last longer on garaged or cars that are driven infrequently, but we personally love that fresh look so we'd rather use a little more, more regularly.

Also available in a 100ml size for sampling or keeping in the glovebox (remember to keep it in a small ziplock plastic bag if you do this; some trim dressings can become more fluid in hot conditions and we wouldn't want your Werthers Originals to taste funny).

Please note - do NOT apply this product (or any type of tyre dressing) to the tyre tread. It's for the sidewalls only. Unless, of course, you love crashing your car into things when it rains.

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