Alien Hoody - green tie-dye - OFFER
Alien Hoody - green tie-dye - OFFER

Alien Hoody - green tie-dye - OFFER

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In a galaxy, far, far away, little green men discover swirl marks on their spacecraft. This necessitates a trip to Planet Earth in search of a detailer... luckily, there are plenty about and many use Dodo Juice. #fortunate

This heavyweight tie-dye green hoody has an embroidered Dodo Juice emblem on the front and an alien motif on the back, with 'Take me to your Detailer' as the legend.

It is also detailing safe, without any zips to catch on bodywork.

Available in S, L, XL, XXL - and plain white (if lime green tie-dye hurts your eyeballs).

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on these items if they do not fit; these are US made and generous in sizing, so don't necessarily order a size up 'to be safe'.

Tie-dye. All tie-dye patterns are unique, which is what makes them so special. So don't expect your item to be exactly the same as the one pictured here. Or your arms to be as handsome as our model's. Finally, staring into a lime green tie-dye pattern for more than ten continuous minutes can lead to disorientation, vomiting and a desire to start raving. We recommend glimpsing at tie-dye items or taking a break after five minutes of mild staring. Be sensible. Play it safe with tie-dye.