Red Mist 500ml - high gloss polymer spray sealant HS 3208201010

Red Mist 500ml - high gloss polymer spray sealant HS 3208201010

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On the show circuit, Red Mist is a veritable legend. Originally conceived as some kind of supercharged Quick Detailer, it swiftly outshone the opposition.

And when water based nano technology came along a few years later to rival or exceed it for durability at a fraction of the cost, it kept on outshining them. Meaning that its days weren't numbered at all.

Sure, it's expensive and can be tricky to use on black cars in hot conditions because it's solvent based, but there's simply no shine like it.

It's old school and all the better for it... a veritable soup of synthetic polymer sealants, designed to coat bodywork in a glossy and water-repellent molecular jacket after just one mist. Wipe it on, buff it off (quickly) and then feel the difference.

Red Mist enhances paint finishes, beads a treat (even on bare paintwork), feels slipperier than a well-oiled eel, and still has impressive durability (of 2-3 months) so it's not just a one week wonder.

Use it instead of a wax or over a wax/sealant every other wash (after you have washed and dried your car, for a bit of extra 'bling' or to 'top up' the beading). But never apply it directly over fresh wax or sealant in case it fiddles with it - see below.

And if you're German, you'll probably just buy it because of the dodgy name. Go on, confused English-people, have a look at Google translate and you'll see what we mean.

Please note that Red Mist should never be used over 'fresh' wax or sealant due to interference from its strong solvents. It should not be left to dwell on oxidised/UV-damaged/old paint finishes. Also, do not use it on classic (un-lacquered, cellulose) white or light paintwork. It can flash off quickly in hot conditions or on hot panels so apply it in the shade to cool panels only and buff/level rapidly.