Future Armour 100ml - high-performance nano spray sealant - glovebox/sample size HS 3405300000

Future Armour 100ml - high-performance nano spray sealant - glovebox/sample size HS 3405300000

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Future Armour is a high performance spray sealant with the advantage of being water-based, so you can use it on wet or dry paint - or even as a fortifier to a pressure washer rinse solution.

As the name suggests, this nano-derived technology has one foot in the future.

That's right, we were visited by Mr Skittles the seventh and he unlocked all the secrets of the (future) universe in 2039.

He said that Red Mist will always have fans as its gloss is legendary and unbeaten -then as it is now - but the formula that we will create years into the future will give amazing results for a fraction of the price and be water-based for maximum versatilitisation (yes, that's a word from the future).

He said that Future Armour is very special and if we agreed, he'd pop one into his time machine and beam it back to us.

So who were we to say no? After all, it's not everyday that an extinct bird visits us from the future.... 

Back to Future Armour.

OK, the word versatile (or versatilitisation) doesn't do it justice... it can be used on all trim, side glass and metal components as well as paintwork, wet or dry.

Use it instead of a regular wax or sealant as a wipe on, buff off protectant.

Use it to boost existing wax or sealant layers after a wash.

Use it neat from our spray bottle or dilute it 1:1 to 1:10 depending on personal preference. Add it to a wash bucket. Fill up your pressure washer dosing bottle and blast it all over your car/caravan/horsey box. How you use it is up to you (although it can clog up snow foam lances so maybe avoid them unless you have an old one going spare).

It's also very durable (2-4 months longevity on daily drivers) with great beading and sheeting, although you must either rinse it off with water after application or (even better) level/buff it thoroughly with a soft cloth afterwards to create an even and consistent shine.

Whether this is a soft microfibre detailing cloth, a drying towel (although avoid using these too much as they may become water repellent and need a trip to the dry cleaners) or your nan's old curtains, we will leave to you. But Future Armour is a strong, high performance sealant and must NOT be left neat on a surface to dry, whether in terms of overspray spots or simply mega-zealous application.

Rinse, or buff - especially if it looks likely to rain afterwards, as neat product could be pulled off the bodywork in ugly streaks and then dry to an awkward finish. Not good.

Should you struggle to get the best from it neat, dilute it down a bit and try again. It's up to 10x stronger than similar products on the market. And if your black car with old paintwork still begs for mercy, simply re-purpose Future Armour for use as a wheel sealant. All it can do in that role is impress.

Dry application video here.

Wet application video here.

This 100ml size should coat an average-sized car about 4-5 times. We reckon 20ml is usually sufficient but it does depend. We do a 500ml spray version, as well as 5 litres bulk for those who just can't get enough.

*2017 Auto Express Recommendation*

*2018 Auto Express Recommendation*