Lime Prime 100ml - fine cut polish and pre-wax cleanser (glovebox/sample size) HS 3405300000

Lime Prime 100ml - fine cut polish and pre-wax cleanser (glovebox/sample size) HS 3405300000

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If you dipped a toe into Lime Prime, it would probably go a shade of green.

Far better, then, to try a sample. This 100ml bottle contains enough Lime Prime to polish an average-sized car, and you may even have a little left over to give your mower a treat.

Not sure what Lime Prime is, or what it does? Have no fear, intrepid shopper. Allow us to explain...

Before you use a wax or sealant, you may like to prepare (or 'prime') the paint… pre-wax cleansers and polishes remove dirt and watermarks left over from the wash stage, remove oxidisation and light swirl marks (especially if a machine polisher is used) and also enhance the finish through the action of glaze oils.

Lime Prime is one such product, and arguably 'best of breed' after having won Detailing World Polish Product of the Year back when it was launched in 2010. Supremely workable, it can be hand or machine applied with a little going a long way. It uses fine cut diminishing abrasives to gently hone the paint surface without troubling tough, modern clearcoats. And it smells limey, if you like limes.

Its fine cut makes it perfect for most types of modern paint with medium to hard finishes (think German cars, French cars, Fords and Vauxhalls etc). For Japanese cars, vintage cars and those with softer finishes, use our ultra-fine cut Basics Prep Polish or Supernatural Micro Prime instead.

Finally, Lime Prime or another polish or pre-wax cleanser is perfect if you want to maximise the finish of your car before applying your wax or sealant. But to maximise the longevity of your wax or sealant, use a panelwipe or solvent to clean the paint first because this improves adhesion. You'll also need to do this if applying a nano-ceramic sealant as these need to bond to bare paintwork.