Pimp My Hide 500ml - intensive leather and vinyl cleaner HS 3405300000

Pimp My Hide 500ml - intensive leather and vinyl cleaner HS 3405300000

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Do we know how to make a leather cleaner? Six Auto Express awards say we do. That's the track record of Supernatural Leather Cleaner, the first leather cleaner we brought to market. As we write this today, it remains unbeaten. (If you read this in 2037 it probably won't be, even Lewis Hamilton's record will come to an end one day).

So for the new Dodo Juice range, we decided to nab the Supernatural Leather Cleaner formula and tweak it just enough to make it ours. This means it will work pretty much just as well, but smell a little more Juicy. We've also blessed it with a silly name that guarantees no search engine finds it, and that gets it filtered more than a WAG's instagram post.

Daft, but that is the Dodo way.

You can apply Pimp My Hide to vinyl, faux leather (vegan leather), leatherette, pleather, aniline leather and coated (connollised) leather, but it is an intensive cleaner so you should be cautious if the material is sensitive, delicate, old, degraded, repaired or brightly coloured. Always test on an inconspicuous area first and never use a brush initially or a cleaning cloth that isn't colour-fast (white cloths may be the best). Should you be wary - perhaps because the leather may have been colour repaired in the past - use a dilute solution (50/50 mix with water) and then work up to a full strength solution.

Whilst you can spray Pimp My Hide on neat, overspray should be avoided and the strength of cleaning could lead to streaks of super-clean runs if you don't level it out quickly enough. So either spray and wipe immediately, or apply to a damp cloth and then spread it that way.

If the surface goes sticky, tacky or shows any colour/dye transfer, stop at once and assess the finish and your cleaning process - it may be too aggressive for the delicacy of the surface. Leather clearcoats applied to vehicles just a few years old may be prone to tackiness, especially if unsuitable leather cleaners, feeds and sealants have been used in the past.

And remember, Pimp My Hide is for intensive cleaning. For regular cleaning of leather seats, a simple soapy water solution may be enough - or our Cabin Krug interior cleaner may suffice (it's about half as strong as Pimp My Hide in chemical terms).

Please note: for suede, faux suede and alcantara, we suggest using Fibre Reviver fabric cleaner as these materials are closer to a piled fabric than leather in many respects.