Fibre Reviver 500ml - fabric, upholstery, suede and carpet cleaner HS 3405300000

Fibre Reviver 500ml - fabric, upholstery, suede and carpet cleaner HS 3405300000

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Our chemists are the boffins behind Supernatural Leather Cleaner that's won something like six Auto Express tests in a row and, as we write this, remains unbeaten to this day.

This obviously led to a few questions over the years, like 'Can I use Supernatural Leather Cleaner on alcantara seats?' And 'What do I use to clean fabric instead of leather?'

Well, now we've given you the answer, in a handy 500ml spray bottle... Fibre Reviver.

The cynical amongst you may just think we've swapped the label and churned out the same stuff in a different bottle - but you'd be wrong. Whilst both liquids have to be clear to avoid staining the surfaces they work on, leather and vinyl cleaning are quite different processes. There's less absorption and little or no chance of dye transfer with leather. Upholstery is often scrubbed clean and brushed more routinely. You can create water marks in fabric, stain it or accidentally bleach it - less so with leather. Etc, etc.

So we've created a new blend - that's slightly less aggressive than our leather cleaner - to remove grime yet prevent undue harm to sensitive or delicate fabrics. Suede or fake suede in dark colours may be prone to bleaching, but apply Fibre Reviver consistently according to the instructions and you minimise the risk of inadvertent damage.

Whether it's seats, headlining or carpets, Fibre Reviver will clean effectively yet gently. Either apply it neat by spray, avoiding overspray to any surrounding areas, and then rub it in with a colour-fast lint free cloth or sponge, or work it in with a soft-bristled upholstery brush for more effect. Or dampen the cloth or sponge and spray the product onto the face, before applying to the area to be cleaned. Stubborn stains may need neat product applied directly to them - saturation of neat product will work best here.

Work up to crease lines, stitching lines, creases or natural panel breaks. This lessens the chance of watermarks.

Afterwards, use a clean, damp (colour-fast, lint free) cloth to gently soak up any remaining residue, whether it's neat cleaning product or grime. Job done.

You can also use Fibre Reviver with wet vacs, adding a dose to the water chamber to boost cleaning.

Please note that Fibre Reviver may not be suitable for extreme spillages like paint, petrol, oil etc. Heavier duty cleaning products or processes may have to be employed in these cases.

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