Mint Merkin - waffle-weave microfibre glass cloth 40x40cm 350gsm

Dodo Juice


At Dodo Juice, we like waffle weave microfibre for cleaning glass as it’s not only highly absorbent due to its large surface area, but it has a little more ‘bite’. This makes it perfect for removing contaminants, greasy smears and dusty glass polish residues.

Made from only the mintiest merkins on Dodo Island (the local ladies insist on only using the most fragrant and synthetic material for merkin-like duties).

Use it with Clearly Menthol glass cleaner for amazing results. Don't use Clearly Menthol on merkins for merkin-like duties, however, as this could sting straight after a Brazilian.

Finally, this cloth isn't just for glass, despite its name. It also makes a perfect metal polishing cloth, thanks to that durable and tenacious waffle profile.

Care of microfibre cloths. All our microfibres are fully machine washable. Wash them with a non-bio liquid at 30 degrees for light soiling or 40 degrees for heavier contamination - or even better, grab some of our Dodo Juice Furry Liquid, which is made for the job. Avoid the use of fabric conditioners or softeners at all costs as these can make microfibre cloths water repellent. If this happens, dry clean the cloth with your tuxedo and duvet next time you are in town, or soak it in a strong APC solution overnight (our Total Wipe Out concentrate is ideal for this). Finally, you can tumble dry microfibre cloths on a low heat. High heat will damage the fibres. Consign old/dirty microfibres that are past their best to secondary duties like metal polishing.


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