Max Pane 500ml - nano glass sealant spray HS 3405909000

Max Pane 500ml - nano glass sealant spray HS 3405909000

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Max Pane is a nano glass sealant created to keep windows as clear as possible in rainy conditions - and as clean as possible, by maximising contamination run off and through reducing water spots when washing/rinsing.

As a water based high performance sealant, it can be applied wet or dry to clean side glass and rear windows, avoiding overspray, before being thoroughly buffed. We recommend a final buff with a waffle weave glass cloth to ensure a completely smear and streak free finish. 

We do not recommend application to the windscreen due to the possibility of smearing or wiper judder, caused by interference with previously applied glass sealants, screenwash etc. It is best to simply keep the windscreen as clean as possible using washing and claying processes followed by a good residue-free glass cleaner like Clearly Menthol.

Longevity on side glass can be from 2-6 months depending on application and car usage; garaged cars may only need an application once a year.

Also available in a 100ml sample/glovebox size.

Please note that Max Pane should always be levelled/buffed and never left to dry on its own - especially if it looks likely to rain afterwards which could cause product streaking. Overspray must also be avoided - it may dry to shiny spots that will be difficult to remove. If it does need to be removed, use a strong solvent/panel-wipe as soon after application as possible. Otherwise claying, machine polishing or more aggressive abrasive techniques may need to be employed.