Heavy Hitters - pre-wash and decontamination bundle (5 items) £6 saving

Heavy Hitters - pre-wash and decontamination bundle (5 items) £6 saving

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Take your detailing game to the next level with this pre-wash and decon bundle.

Shampoo is good, but when you're facing heavier contamination or want to get your car completely clean for the finest detailing results, you'll need heavier hitters.

PRE-WASH - Apple iFoam 100ml sampler, enough for snow foaming your car if you own a lance and pressure washer (or pop it to one side for when you do!), Crudzilla citrus TFR 1 litre spray for getting rid of stubborn grime before a contact wash.

DECON - Tarmageddon 500ml tar and glue remover for blitzing tar spots, and Flies Undone 500ml spray for bug remains and bird mess. Plus Ferrous Dueller 500ml fallout remover for removing embedded iron deposits in your paintwork.

Remember that we do an Essential Selection to cover off the standard detailing stages. And if you want to add products for wheels, glass, trim and interior, simply pop our Specialist Selection into your basket, too. These three kits have minimal crossover, helping you achieve a comprehensive range of detailing products with the minimum of fuss and expense.

(£46 list price of items = £6 saving)