Minterior Interior - interior care bundle (5 items) - £3 saving HS 3405300000

Minterior Interior - interior care bundle (5 items) - £3 saving HS 3405300000

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This is the kit for those that really take pride in the appearance of their car's interior.

First up, Cabin Krug, our interior cleaner for removing grime from hard surfaces and soft surfaces like carpets, upholstery and headlining. There's 500ml of that, so plenty to keep you going.

Then there's some Mint Condition 500ml detailer for any piano black trim pieces, or just for the less grubbier surfaces.

And if that isn't minty enough, next up comes the mint fragranced Clearly Menthol 500ml for interior glass - after all, one touch and your glass is smeared. Children and other passengers just don't understand - but you do.

Then we have a glovebox refugee... [ Merry Berry, pictured, has been replaced with Sweet Shot ] now comes with a Sweet Shot 100ml air freshener. Just what a tired, muggy interior needs to freshen up. Spray it under the seats or into the carpets if worried about shiny droplets.

Finally, a pair of Hog Brush detailing brushes for those vents, trim joins and other crevices. Use these with Cabin Krug for dirty areas, or go gently with Mint Condition detailing spray.

In short, this kit has pretty much everything you could need for a car interior... and arguably more. (You'll need a microfibre cloth or two, maybe a glass cloth as well. But you may have these already, so we didn't add any here.)

Contains: Cabin Krug 500ml interior cleaner, Mint Condition 500ml detailing spray, Clearly Menthol 500ml glass cleaner, Merry Berry 100ml air freshener, Hog Brush 25mm and 30mm natural bristle detailing brushes.

(£46 list price of items = £6 saving)