Stripp-Ex 1 litre spray - pre-sealant prep solvent and panel-wipe HS 3402501000
Stripp-Ex 1 litre spray - pre-sealant prep solvent and panel-wipe HS 3402501000

Stripp-Ex 1 litre spray - pre-sealant prep solvent and panel-wipe HS 3402501000

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Left a sealant on too long before buffing? Old wax layer needs removing? Simply want to see how much your polish is filling when machining a panel?

Whether it's a miscalculation or misapplication, a spring clean of a panel down to a bare surface or an attempt to find a true level of cut during a polishing process, reach for the Stripp-Ex.

It's a degreasing 'panel-wipe' blend of strong solvents designed to take as much as possible off the paint, whether oils, resins, waxes or other sealants. OK, it may not remove nano-ceramic sealants or stubborn residues that have sunk deep into the paint or mysteriously caked on beyond a normal degree. But it's extremely effective, especially if used soon after original application of the product you want to remove.

Of course, care needs to be taken with such a strong solvent. Don't use it on old, damaged, degraded or fresh paintwork - and keep it well away from SMART repairs.

A great choice if you applied Future Armour over-zealously or got some droplets somewhere they shouldn't have gone. If Stripp-Ex doesn't shift it, little else will; you'll need to wait many months for the product to wear off or machine polish the panel.

Stripp-Ex also helps improve the adhesion - and therefore longevity - of waxes and sealants applied over it. By removing glaze oils remaining from previous polishing processes and other surface contamination, the wax or sealant can bond better at a microscopic level. Obviously let the solvent fully flash-off before applying subsequent products, of course - being a solvent it could interfere with fresh wax or sealant layers if still wet.

Of course, if it's finish you're after, a regular polish or even a glaze like Fillit Bang can enhance the appearance of the panel massively, with more gloss and less swirls, and using a panel-wipe would be self-defeating.

Generally, you'd only be using Stripp-Ex under sealants - especially nano-ceramic sealants - on machine polished paint, free from swirls.

Stripp-Ex comes in a 1 litre spray bottle only, for applying to large sections of bodywork if required. Use caution during application because it is a very strong solvent and always apply to an inconspicuous area first if unsure of results. We cannot guarantee removal of all sealants/residues in all conditions. Some residues may need abrasive action to be fully removed (Stripp-Ex is non-abrasive, solvent only).