Red Cuffed Yeti - long hair sheepskin wash mitt CLEARANCE

Dodo Juice

£13.33 £18.33
SKU: LW00126

Want to try a Supernatural Yeti wash mitt, but think that your purse strings won't stretch to £20?

Then pop this little beaut into your basket and grab a bargain.

By now we're sure that you know that our Supernatural range contains no added colours or fragrances. It's the same with our accessories, we deliberately try and make the Supernatural range as classy and sophisticated as we can. And the colour theme is white, grey, black, silver and occasionally burgundy. But it ain't red.

You see, sometimes a supplier will send us something that we haven't specced or asked for. Like this red cuffed Yeti.

So let their mistake be your bargain. All the same goodness of the original Yeti, just with a nice red cuff. 

Please note that these natural mitts should be combed and checked before use and moulting may occur, especially during first use. All lambswool mitts have a shorter lifespan than synthetic alternatives and 6 months to a year of use may be normal before replacement. Our mitts come with a 30 day warranty to ensure they are not damaged or defective at the time of first use, but no claims for mitt failure can be made after that date. Lambswool mitts falling apart, rotting or failing is entirely normal and does not indicate poor manufacture. Whilst some mitts can last 3 or 4 years (or more), this is unusual. Please buy a Supernatural Wash Sponge or Dodo Juice Captain Canoodle synthetic mitt if worried about the lifespan of natural lambswool mitts.

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