Winter Protection Kit - ultra-durable LSP bundle (3 items) £10 saving

Dodo Juice


For long-lasting lustre and sheeting that lasts months not weeks (perhaps for protection over the winter months), you need to apply waxes and sealants to solvent-wiped paint and that's after having chosen them carefully in the first place.

Glossy show waxes simply aren't going to compete against the latest hybrid waxes, cross-linking sealants and nano-ceramic superstars.

This kit contains the most durable wax, polymer sealant and nano-sealant we do.

  • Supernatural Hybrid - lasts up to 6 months*
  • Dodo Juice Iron Gloss sealant - lasts up to 12 months*
  • Supernatural Infinity - lasts approx. 18 months*

*recoating interval on a daily driven car in Western Europe with correct prep beforehand.

Contains: Supernatural Hybrid 30ml, Dodo Juice Iron Gloss Polymer Sealant 100ml, Supernatural Infinity Nano-ceramic Sealant 30ml

(£68 list price of items = £10 saving)

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