Wheel Plug and Mitt Kit - starter wheel care bundle (3 items) £5 saving

Dodo Juice


The Nutt Plug is great for getting into stud holes to gently remove grime and brake dust with its spongy bonce. For the rest of the wheel, there's Captain Crevice, a thin microfibre wheel mitt that lets you give the spokes a proper reach-around (if your hands are small enough). No brush splatter, collar contact or bristle rash. Combine them both with Mellow Yellow wheel cleaner or Ferrous Dueller and you've got a great wheel wash kit.

Contains: Captain Crevice Wheel Mitt, Nutt Plug, Mellow Yellow Ready-to-Go Wheel Cleaner 500ml OR Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller 500ml.

(£25 list price of items = £5 saving)

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