WAX POWER - Dodo Juice vinyl car sticker - available in 7 colourways

Dodo Juice


MAX Power magazine was a British publication that ran from 1993 to 2011. It became a legend, selling 100s of thousands of issues a month in its heyday. Then, as Eldon Tyrell once pointed out to Roy Batty, it fizzled out because 'the light that burns twice as bright burns half as long...'

And also because people stopped buying it.

But hey, we loved wide arch lime green Fiestas that had been modified to death. They were fun.

In homage to Max Power, we have produced these Wax Power vinyls. Sticking one on your car won't instantly add a few inches to your arches - or any other part of your car or anatomy - but it will show that your wax game is strong. Very strong.

Interestingly, we first ran with Wax Power as a theme at a show we sponsor (Modified Nationals). Mod Nats is based in Peterborough, where Max Power mag was based. Isn't that ironic? As Alanis once sang.

If you like this sticker, note that we also do a Wax Power T-shirt so you can be as 'on trend' as your car.

Sticker size is approx. 25.5x6.5cm. It is made from high quality fade resistant vinyl with a 3-5 year lifespan. Be careful if using pressure washers re vinyl edges!

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