Wash Bucket Kit - standard or ultra-durable bucket, lid & sticker, with/without bucket filter

Dodo Juice


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No-one wants a plain builder's bucket for a two bucket wash, when they could have a proper capacity bucket and add a couple of small accessories to really up their detailing game.

So if you want to buy a bucket, bucket filter and bucket sticker all in one place, then this listing is for you.

All you have to do is choose:

  • Bucket filter type. Go for the classic and original Grit Guard from the US (a perfect fit and really robust)? Or go for the UK Scratch Shield (adjustable fins for versatility but a little less rigid)?

Whatever you choose, we'll add in one of our bucket stickers to complete the kit.

 Contains: Bucket , Choice of Bucket Filter (Blue), Blue Themed 'Wash' Sticker

Up to £5 savings, depending on combination chosen.

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