Walter Light Wax Kit - car wax bundle for light coloured cars (4 items) £4 saving

Dodo Juice


When Walter White was a teacher, he had a light coloured Pontiac Aztek that was a 'b*tch to make shiny, b*tch' according to Jesse Pinkman.

No wonder Walter switched to a glossy black Chrysler later in life.

This kit is in honour of Heisenberg himself, and contains both Light Fantastic and the ever-reflective 'half-sealant, half-wax' known as Supernatural Hybrid. Each 30ml mini-jar will coat an average sized car 3-4 times, so you're looking at 6-8 coats of wax from this kit. 

Recoating intervals are 2-3 months for Light Fantastic and 4-6 months for Supernatural Hybrid. So that's plenty of wax protection (up to 3 years!).

Contains: Light Fantastic 30ml, Supernatural Hybrid 30ml, Basics Extra-soft Buffing Cloth, Basics Finger Mitt Wax Applicator

(£27 list price of items = £4 saving)

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