Urban Car Care Kit - apartment/flat dweller's wash bundle (4 items) £9 saving

Dodo Juice


Stuck in a flat without an outside tap? Got a nosy neighbour who peers at you whilst you're getting changed? Then you need our Urban Car Care Kit and blackout curtains. We don't sell blackout curtains, by the way. Or Tasers. But you might need these as well.

Right, back to the car care kit. This contains a rinseless wash style car shampoo, so you don't need a hose to wash your car - just fill a bucket from the tap or use the impressive 50ft expandable hose. Plus there's a 60x60cm microfibre drying towel.

Note that we'd also suggest getting a load of buffing cloths for the rinseless wash process, if you don't have any. The Basics Extra-soft Buffing Cloth triple pack makes a good case for itself here.

Contains: Basics of Bling Wash Pad, Low on Eau 250ml, Basics of Bling Drying Towel, 50ft Expandable 'Pocket' Hose

(£54 list price of items = £9 saving)

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