Ultimate Wheels Bucket Kit - complete wheel care bundle with bucket (12 items) £15 saving

Dodo Juice


Everything for your wheels - plus a full Grit Guard bucket kit.

Yes, not only do you get two wheel mitts (one natural, one microfibre), a wheel sponge, a hog hair wheel brush and a stud hole stuffing Nutt Plug, you also get a grand total of three wheel cleaners (so no matter what type of wheels you have, there's a cleaner to suit them).

Bucket-wise, you get the, err, bucket, a water-tight lid, a black Grit Guard and a cheeky 'Wheels' sticker.

And that, as they say in the best Amsterdam gentlemen's clubs, is rimtastic.

Contains: Captain Crevice Wheel Mitt, Supernatural Wheel Sponge, Supernatural Merino Wheel Mitt, Ferrous Dueller 500ml, Mellow Yellow 500ml, Supernatural Wheel Cleaner 500ml, Nutt Plug, Hog Brush Wheel/Detailing Brush 40mm, Bucket, Water-tight Lid, Black Grit Guard, 'Wheels' Bucket Sticker

(£103 list price of items = £15 saving)

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