Ultimate Prep Kit - complete prep stage bundle (16 items) £16 saving

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Method actors do lots of preparation, and so do detailers. Now, we're not saying that you should 'go all De Niro' and drive a taxi for a week or two (unless you want to detail minicabs for a living) but you certainly need the right kit.

This little bundle contains full surface satisfaction: glass, plastic, paint, metal, tyres and even your engine bay are all cleaned and prepped to within an inch of their respective lives.

Contains: Born Slippy 500ml, Basics Clay Bars 110g, Supernatural Tar and Glue Remover 500ml, Lime Prime 250ml, Motley Blue 100ml, Total Wipe Out All-purpose Cleaner Ready to Go Spray 500ml, Clearly Menthol Glass Cleaner 500ml, Release the Grease Engine Bay Cleaner/Degreaser 500ml, Basics Tyre and Trim 250ml, Tyromania 30ml, Supernatural Microsuede Buffing Cloths, Blue Roo Polish Applicator, Basics Buffing and Polishing Cloth, Mint Merkin Glass Cloth, Fantastic Fur Buffing Cloth.

(£116 list price of items = £16 saving)

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