Ultimate Mitt & Bucket Kit - wash bundle with twin buckets and Grit Guards (11 items) £17 saving

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We could've called this the 'UltiMITT' kit, but then we thought again, before we got tasered by the pun police.

But there is no taking away from the fact that this is quite simply the ultimate mitt-based wash kit.

Inside, you'll find our most popular shampoo and wash mitt, our thickest plush drying towel and two Grit Guard bucket kits.

You save over £16 as well!

We really do spoil you.

Contains: Born To Be Mild 250ml, Supernatural 'Wookie's Fist' Wash Mitt, Double Touch Drying Towel, 2x Ultra-durable 'Drowning Baby' 19 litre Buckets, 2x Water-tight Lids, Blue Grit Guard, Red Grit Guard, 'Wash' and 'Rinse' Stickers.

(£112 list price of items = £17 saving)

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