Ultimate Clay Kit - complete claying combo (5 items) £7 saving

Dodo Juice


Here's a little poem for you.

Let's say you like to clay.
All night and all day.
You'd like a kit that's vast,
Something made to last.
One litre refill lube - that's a good start.
Makes 10 litres of spray - that's pretty smart.
Some clay pads for long term action.
Ferro Lube to dissolve iron and decrease traction.
This kit will really help with the prep.
All you need for that claying step.

That. Just. Happened. 

Contains: Born Slippy Clay Lube Refill 1 litre (makes 10 litres ready-to-go spray), Supernatural Ferro Lube 500ml, Let Us Spray Trigger Spray 500ml, Clay Pad Twins (Fine and Medium grade), Basics Clay Bars 110g

(£57 list price of items = £7 saving)

If you're not sure about the claying process, click here.

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