Tribble Wash Kit - classic mitt'n'bits wash bundle (3 items) £4 saving

Dodo Juice


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Ah, the Tribble Mitt, Scourge of the Unclean Underworld, Decontaminator of Contaminants, Soldier of Sanitation.

If only someone would add you to a kit that has a multi (4x) award-winning shampoo and then combine you with a soft, plush drying towel...

Wait a minute....we've done it!

And here it is. Lovely. Assuming you like (and can look after) 100% lambswool wash mitts. If not, grab the Canoodle Wash Kit instead.

Contains: Born To Be Mild 250ml, Tribble Mitt Wash Glove, Soft Touch Drying Towel.

(£32 list price of items = £4)

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