Tribble Mitt - 100% natural lambswool wash mitt - SECONDS

Dodo Juice

£6.67 £10.83

Occasionally, a Tribble Mitt (100% natural lambswool) doesn't make it past our quality control procedures and gets sidelined for sale here.

They could be a little undersized, they may have a slightly inconsistent pelt, with some bits being barer than they should be. Mis-shapen, discoloured, not fluffy enough... imperfect. Whatever, you get the idea.

Like all 100% natural mitts, you need to use these mitts regularly to prevent them drying out and shedding their fur. And never machine wash or tumble dry them.

Sold as seconds stock, with no warranty, in usable condition but with some kind of fault that we've spotted (but you may not... some of these are really very good because we're quite picky!).

Please note that the picture is for illustrative purposes only and does not depict seconds stock or the exact item being purchased. All lambswool mitts have a shorter lifespan than synthetic alternatives and 6 months to a year of use may be normal before replacement. Lambswool mitts falling apart, rotting or failing is entirely normal and does not indicate poor manufacture.

You can click here for the original description of the Tribble Mitt 

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