Rim King Cleaning Kit - complete wheel cleaning bundle (8 items) £12 saving

Dodo Juice


All you need to get your rims shining like a rapper's chain.

Just ensure you search for this kit carefully online as the Clean King Rimming Kit is something quite different.

OK, back to the listing.

What's in our Rim King collection of wheel cleaning goodies here?

Well, not only do you get two wheel mitts (one natural, one microfibre), a wheel sponge, a wheel brush and a Nutt Plug (for filthy stud holes), you also get three wheel cleaners... two that are pH-neutral and one that even changes colour.

Now, the muckiest chore in detailing doesn't seem so bad, does it?

Contains: Captain Crevice Wheel Mitt, Supernatural Wheel Sponge, Supernatural Merino Wheel Mitt, Ferrous Dueller 500ml, Mellow Yellow 500ml, Supernatural Wheel Cleaner 500ml, Nutt Plug, Hog Brush Wheel/Detailing Brush 40mm

(£75 list price of items = £12 saving)

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