Tooled Up - large detailing 'tool bag'

Dodo Juice


Got a lot of gear and nowhere for it to go? The Dodo Juice Tooled Up detailing bag could be the way to go.

Generous dimensions mean that the Tooled Up bag can take a couple of machine polishers lying down, and the side pockets take up to 14x 250ml bottles (three in each end pocket!). Inside, there are four more pockets – good for clay, pad spurs, wheel brushes etc. And the fold down handle and removable cover give good access to what’s inside.

You want exact? We can do exact. Internal dimensions are 460mm (length) x 240mm (breadth) x 150mm (height).

Other features include rubber feet to keep it off the floor, a shoulder strap to make it easier to lug around (at the risk of looking a tad camp) and it also folds flat when not in use.


Please note that the bag does not come with any tools, products or other items shown in the bag for illustrative purposes only. If you want it filled with stuff, take a look at our kit and bundle deals.

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