Time to Dry - drying aid quick detailer, less chance of water spots - OFFER

Dodo Juice


Time to Dry is a specialist detailing spray (sometimes referred to as a 'drying detailer' or 'drying aid') that's designed to lubricate the painted surface of your car after washing, during the drying stage.

Normally, you'd just use a dry towel to mop up the water, but Time to Dry is a little cleverer than that. It contains lubricants to allow the towel to glide over the paint, helping to prevent marring, and it also breaks down water beads to make them easier to soak up and less likely to leave water spots.

We even added a limescale inhibitor to reduce these water marks even further.

As if that wasn't enough, it buffs off to a nice shine - meaning that you can use it as a normal quick detailer if you want (although it may subdue beading a little by its very nature... layer Red Mist or Future Armour on top if you want to restore those eye-popping beads).

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