Dodo Juice Logo Tax/Parking Disc Holder - anodised red

Dodo Juice

£10.00 £20.00

If Dodo Juice made tax disc holders, they’d probably be… well, just like these ones that Richbrook created for us.

Made from top quality anodised aluminium, screw-backed for easy placement of your tax or parking permit disc, and easy to fit to any windscreen with the mounting kit supplied. Colour wise this is a sort of metallic pinkish/red colour - not a bright red. Definitely pinkish.

Now, we know that tax discs don't exist anymore, so they could also make an interesting little photo frame for attaching to other surfaces. Maybe if you've just gone to university and want a picture of your family to look at you disapprovingly every time you have a pot noodle. Maybe attach it to your shower screen with a list of what parts you need to wash... whatever works for you. 

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