Supernatural Wheel Sealant - nano-ceramic ultra durable wheel sealant



Supernatural Wheel Sealant is a state-of-the-art nano coating with outstanding water repellence and acid resistance. It also lasts far longer and defies scratches more effectively than traditional wheel waxes or sealants. Sure, it’s not cheap, but you’ll coat 2-3 sets of wheels from a 50ml bottle. And it could be years before you need to recoat them...

Application is a little more demanding than with a more traditional product like Supernatural Hybrid, so the wheel needs to be thoroughly washed, preferably clayed and then cleaned with a solvent before the sealing process starts. Then you apply the nano coating with the low absorbency, lint-free cloth included in the kit, and buff to a shine shortly after. The results will be worth the extra effort, though. Watch how thoroughly your wheels are cleaned with just a pressure washer or mild shampoo contact wash. They can even be subsequently deep cleaned with an acid wheel cleaner like Dodo Juice Mellow Yellow to restore initial beading.

Please note: this product has an unpleasant smell and requires careful application! If you are unsure about suitability for your wheels, perhaps because they are in poor physical condition or have a specialist or sensitive finish, choose Supernatural Hybrid wax or Dodo Juice Iron Gloss instead.

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