Supernatural Sealant Kit - expert paint, trim, wheels & glass sealant bundle (7 items) £28 saving



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All the sealants in the Supernatural range, from an all-surface nano sealant line-up (paint, trim, wheels and glass) to our versatile Supernatural Acrylic Spritz spray.

Plus the two highest performing waxes we make: the original wonderwax Supernatural Hybrid paste sealant, and its younger uber wax cousin, Supernatural Hybrid Nano.

You'll buy this if you're a professional detailer. Or a Tina Turner fan wanting 'simply the best'. Boom tish.

Save over £22 when buying all these products together here, rather than separately.

Contains: Supernatural Infinity Paint Sealant 30ml, Supernatural Quartz Trim Sealant 30ml, Supernatural Wheel Sealant 30ml, Supernatural Glass Sealant 50ml, Supernatural Hybrid 100ml, Supernatural Hybrid Nano 100ml, Supernatural Acrylic Spritz 250ml

(£210 list price of items = £28 saving.)

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