Supernatural Gloss/Satin Trim Sealant Kit 50ml - resin trim sealant and lacquer



Supernatural Gloss and Satin Trim sealants coat smooth and textured plastic surfaces in a layer of ultra-durable crystal resin around 50x thicker than a coat of wax or sealant. The result is a long-lasting, semi-permanent 'lacquer' finish that can enhance the appearance of exterior trim, whatever the colour. Longevity of the finish can sometimes be measured in years, not just months - but it is one for the experts. Most detailers will find a traditional trim product like Basics Tyre and Trim or Supernatural Glaze to be more suitable options.

Supernatural Gloss Trim Sealant has a shiny finish; use Supernatural Satin Trim Sealant if you prefer more of a ‘natural’ satin/semi-gloss look.

Note that Supernatural Gloss/Satin Trim Sealants are challenging to apply, due to being of a varnish-like nature (they cannot be buffed during application and need to be applied quickly and precisely before they cure), and they may not give a consistent finish to heavily faded trim. On more modern vehicles, though, they pose less of a problem and careful application can be rewarded with spectactular results.

This 50ml bottle (enough to do 1-2 cars that have a normal amount of plastic trim) comes in a kit with a lint-free application cloth and full instructions.

Shake Satin Trim Sealant well before use.


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