Supernatural Quartz Trim Sealant - nano-ceramic ultra durable trim sealant



Supernatural Trim Sealant is a state-of-the-art quartz nano coating with amazing water repellence, durability, scratch resistance and longevity. Sure, it’s not cheap, but just one sling-free satin coat could last 12 months or more – protecting smooth or textured trim from fade and enhancing its appearance. If you’ve only ever used cheap silicone dressings, prepare to be impressed.

If you have a new car that needs protecting, this makes an ideal choice. Especially when used in conjunction with Supernatural Infinity for the paintwork and Supernatural Wheel Sealant for the wheels. Complete nano-ceramic protection from bonnet to boot...

Please note: this product has an unpleasant smell and requires careful application! All old products and residues need to be cleaned from the trim first. And it does not suit old, faded or damaged trim. In these cases, use Dodo Juice Tyromania or Supernatural Glaze.

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