Supernatural Professional Nano Kit - nano-ceramic protection bundle (6 items) £14 saving



A kit for the professional detailer or committed enthusiast.

Nano-ceramic products are notorious for being tricky to apply but well worth the effort in terms of longevity, durability and scratch-resistance.

This protection kit gives you 100ml of our game-changing Supernatural Hybrid Nano wax, 50ml of our long-lasting Supernatural Infinity paint sealant and the accessories you'll need to get the best from them (finger mitt wax applicator and a selection of expert-quality cloths).

Contains: Supernatural Infinity Paint Sealant Kit 50ml, Supernatural Hybrid Nano 100ml, Supernatural Microsuede Buffing Cloths, Supernatural Buffing Cloth, Supernatural Finger Mitt Wax Applicator

(£109 list price of items = £14 saving)

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