Supernatural Metal Polish 100ml - ultra-fine, fine and medium cut - plus kits available



Our Supernatural metal polishes are high-performance UK made products that can take tarnished metal of all types back to a pristine finish. Or refine a reasonable metal finish even further.

For restoration work, after having removed any rust or corrosion, or for tackling hard metals, reach for Supernatural Medium Cut metal polish. You may use a '0000' grade wire wool initially, and then use the polish with a metal polishing rag 'wheel' for best results.

For softer metals or mildly tarnished surfaces, you'll be better off with the gentler Supernatural Fine Cut metal polish. This is a great choice if you are unsure how much polishing power you need, as it sits in the middle of the range. Apply it with a cotton cloth or waffle weave microfibre, like our Basics Glass Cloth.

Whilst the finish using our Fine Cut polish will be superb, we finally recommend finishing with Supernatural Ultra-fine metal polish. This really does create that cliched 'mirror shine' finish. A Supernatural Microsuede Buffing Cloth is ideal for this final polishing stage.

If you can't decide which polish you need, why not get the set? We do a couple of kits. They'll work well on any silverware at home if you run out of chrome tailpipes to treat.

Please note, thin metal plating and anodising can be damaged by the use of metal polishes. And metal effect paint may also be removed. These polishes are for use on solid metal finishes only and you should always test on an inconspicuous area first if unsure of the results.



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