Supernatural (Fine) Detailing Clay - fine grade detailing clay, 240g



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A fine grade detailing clay (240g), that comes as three individually-wrapped 80g bars in a plastic storage case.

The pliable, easily-worked and folded consistency makes this clay a pleasure to use, and it's gentle enough to remove contamination on softer paintwork with little chance of marring (when used with a suitable clay lube). A favourite of many pros.

For more aggressive decontamination, choose the Supernatural Medium Grade or Black clays instead.

Don't know how to clay? Don't worry. Just visit our tutorials here.

Please note that this clay should not be used on hot panels or stored immersed in clay lube or solvent. It will remain serviceable for many months or years when stored in its plastic case, or in an airtight 'ziplock' style plastic bag.


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