Supernatural 'Deep Dish' Orbital Backing Plate - 123mm (5 inch) 5/16 male connection



Orbital machines need to be kept flat on the panel, and a deep, flexible backing plate can help keep the pad perfectly horizontal. It also helps prevent the heat transfer that plagues some high-powered orbital machines when they are used with a thin backing plate. Remember to start and stop the pad on the paint surface when using orbital machines, to prolong backing plate/pad life. Care also needs to be taken when separating the hook and loop surfaces, to avoid tearing.

This Deep Dish backing plate is 123mm in diameter for use with a wide range of pads, including our 150mm Waffle and Fin Cut pads and the 123mm Supernatural Midi Microfibre Orbital Cutting Pad.

Note: suits DAS-6 polishing machines, G220 and other orbital/DA machines with a 5/16 inch male connection only - it will not fit rotary polishers.

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