Supernatural Carnauba Glaze 500ml - silicone-free carnauba spray wax



If synthetic spray sealants don’t float your boat, why not try a carnauba emulsion?

Supernatural Carnauba Glaze is a silicone-free spray wax that contains a high carnauba solids content, in a cleansing solution.

That means it cleans, adds gloss and a few weeks of protection - all without recourse to silicone oils, unnatural resins or synthetic waxes.

In fact, it could be the perfect top up layer for a carnauba wax, robbing nothing from the original look of the coating and merely enhancing it further.

Probably one of the most 'natural' quick detailers around and as 'bodyshop safe' as any sprayable detailing product can be.

Need more performance? Whilst Carnauba Glaze has a place in our range, products with synthetic ingredients like Dodo Juice Red Mist, Dodo Juice Future Armour and Supernatural Acrylic Spritz can all offer more performance. As much as 4 months in some cases, compared to 2-4 weeks of protection from Carnauba Glaze. Supernatural Acrylic Spritz is also reported to be the easiest product to use in our spray sealant range, so if you have problems with hazing, buffing or smearing with the others, maybe try that product instead.

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