Super Synthetics Kit - high-performance LSP bundle (6 items) £10 saving

Dodo Juice


Some people don't want to muck around hunting for the highest performers in a range. They head straight to the top.

It's like when I have an issue with my Virgin Atlantic booking. I never ring the customer care helpline or speak to the pop-up chatbot on their website. Oh no. I get straight on the phone to my old mate Dickie Branson and ask him to print off my boarding pass for seat 39G in 'Coach', whatever that is.

Therefore, if you want our longest lasting spray sealant and longest lasting (nano-ceramic infused) wax, then here it all is. Complete with a foam finger mitt applicator and some sturdy buffing cloths (those residues are going to be tougher to remove if you're not careful!). This kit is full of strong stuff.

Contains: Future Armour 500ml, Supernatural Hybrid Nano 100ml, Basics Buffing and Polishing Cloths (triple pack), Supernatural Finger Mitt wax applicator

(£65 list price of items = £10 saving)

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