20.5 Litre Detailing Bucket - semi-translucent wash bucket

Dodo Juice


A large 20.5 litre detailing-quality bucket, made from semi-translucent 'natural' plastic so you can see your water becoming grubby more easily.

Metal handle rather than plastic for the wear and tear a bucket meets in its life, and capable of taking Grit Guards without too much of a gap. The adjustable Scratch Shields fit a treat, of course.

  • Semi-translucent high quality plastic, so you can see how grubby your wash water gets (you can't see through bucket foam easily, so darkened water indicates when the water is too dirty and should be changed).
  • Works with the Grit Guard as well as the Scratch Shield... much larger bucket bottom than you'll find with a builder's bucket. (In fact, this bucket's bottom is so big it's 'Simply Kardashian'!) 
  • 20.5 litre capacity, stackable with metal handle and plastic handle grip.
  • Perfect for use with our bucket stickers... these help you tell wash, rinse and wheels buckets apart during use and storage.

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