Spin Doctor Expert Kit - complete rotary machine polishing bundle (11 items) £24 saving

Dodo Juice


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Omar Little once said: "How do you expect to run with the wolves come night, when you spend all day sparring with puppies?"

That says it all really.

How can you expect the best results from a machine polisher when you've only got half the stuff you need?

Therefore, this Expert Kit gives you everything in the Intro Kit plus an additional super-fine polish for jewelling, a heavy polishing foam pad, a larger backing plate and wool pad for more aggressive cutting and some buffing cloths for removing polish residues.

You'll be running with the wolves in no time.

Contains Dodo Juice Spin Doctor v2 rotary machine polisher, Supernatural Micro Prime 250ml, Lime Prime 250ml, Lime Prime Plus 250ml, Waffle Red finishing pad, Dodo Juice Green Fin heavy polishing pad, Supernatural Maxi Merino wool cutting pad, Dodo Juice Maxi Mount 150mm backing plate, Basics Extra-soft Buffing Cloths Triple Pack

(£199 list price of items = £24 saving)

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