Some Like it Hoth Kit - snow foam lance and 5 litre foam bundle (2 items) £7 saving

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The ice planet Hoth is well known for its skiing, snow speeder racing and Tauntaun petting farms.

It's also one of the galaxy's main producers of snow foam, with the HothWheelsTM automotive detailing brand benefiting from intergalactic distribution deals.

But you can't buy Hoth snow foam on Earth, for contractual reasons (possibly because of a dispute that arose when some caustic TFR snow foam led to lacquer peel on the Emperor's new BMW M4).

And this is where we stepped in.

We decided to put together a massive 5 litre snow foam and lance kit to restore a little balance to the universe.

Even the Emperor gave us the thumbs up, or a wink, or something.

He didn't zap us at any rate, which is what he usually does on The Apprentice Season 24037 when he doesn't like an idea. ('You're fried' is his catchphrase. Cute, huh?).

Anyway, we digress. Here's what you get in the kit:

  • A proper Snow Commotion foam lance to fit a pressure washer gun of your choice. The Snow Commotion lance is made from brass, with a 1 litre dosing bottle and adjustments for mixture and compression, to create a thick, shaving-cream-like foam. Some assembly is required but we include PTFE tape and instructions - all you need is a 16mm metric spanner and an adjustable spanner or mole/monkey wrench to tighten the connector.
  • 5 litres of Dodo Juice concentrated pH-neutral snow foam (Apple iFoam). This is a maintenance snow foam, that won't strip previously applied wax or sealant when used at the correct dilution. You'll use it at 1:10 to 1:20 in your litre snow foam dosage bottle, so this kit should give you 50-100 full bottles of snow foam mix. That's usually enough for 70-150 cars.

Price wise, there's a nifty saving compared to buying the items individually, plus we're saving your clicking finger and wear to your keyboard.

We really do think of everything. 

(£65 individual cost of items = £7 saving)

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