Snow Foam Lance Brass Interconnect - (G1/4" male to G1/4" male fitting)

Dodo Juice


This is a brass 'male to male' G1/4" interconnect that sits between our Snow Commotion foam lance (or other foam lances of the same type) and the adapter/connector that fits your pressure washer gun.

It DOES NOT ALLOW a foam lance to connect directly to a pressure washer gun... you will need the secondary adapter/connector for that (got it?).

Luckily, you can buy these separately here, on this very webshop.

Note that unless you buy just a bare foam lance on its own, you shouldn't need this brass interconnect at all... our Snow Commotion lances and lance kits come with an interconnect and adapter for a wide range of pressure washer guns, all as part of the deal. So make sure you really need this component. Maybe it's to adapt an old foam lance you have? Maybe it's a paperweight for your hamster's desk? Maybe you just clicked on 'male-to-male connections' on Google and it took you here? Whatever the reason, shop away. (Or don't.)

*Always use PTFE tape to ensure a water-tight connection when joining snow foam lance fittings*

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