Snow Commotion Foam Lance - with/without connector (choice of 5 fitments)

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Ever since Snow (the one-hit wonder white rapper) invented Snow Foam, detailers have gone crazy for a flurry of white foamy goodness.

Now, you don't need to be an expert to realise that snow foaming without a proper snow foam lance is like trying to compete in the Grand National on a lame Shetland pony.

The 'foam gun' that came with the pressure washer, or the one you got from the garden centre that you pump up manually, could be woefully lacking.

And by lacking, we mean 'dribbling out watery foam no matter how good your snow foam is'.

Now, all that could change by investing in a proper snow foam lance, like our Snow Commotion here.

Being a 'proper' snow foam lance means that the Snow Commotion is made of brass, with a 1 litre dosing bottle and adjustments for mixture (top knob) and compression (nozzle).

Attach it to a decent pressure washer, and it should result in thick, shaving-cream-like foam - assuming the right snow foam (Apple iFoam) and the right lance settings. Soft water will foam even more.

  • The 'basic lance' comes without a connector/adapter, making it perfect for someone replacing their old snow foam lance who already has a connector and interconnect (the plastic and/or brass fitment(s) that attach between your lance and the pressure washer gun).
  • If you are buying a snow foam lance from scratch, you will need one with the right connector/adapter (so buy a kit made for your pressure washer: 'Karcher K series' etc.).

Some assembly is required but we include PTFE tape and instructions with kits that include a connector/adapter  - all you need is a 16mm metric spanner and potentially an adjustable spanner/mole wrench to tighten things up.

Technical info: Inlet is G1/4" female. Operating pressure: 120bar - 200bar (1740psi - 2900psi). Rated pressure: 200bar (2900psi), max permissible pressure: 220bar (3200psi). Max flow rate: 20 litres per min (5.3 US gallons per minute). Max temperature: 60 degrees C, 140 degrees F. Bottle capacity: 1 litre.

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