Rotary Machine Polisher (Unbranded), two pin EU plug (needs UK adapter), high start speed, digital display

Dodo Juice

£25.00 £33.33
SKU: LW00113

230V rotary machine polisher sample of Far Eastern origin (unbranded) with TWO PIN EU PLUG (for EU customers or for use with an adapter in the UK).

Believed to be 1200-1400W. M14 spindle.

NOTE: the start speed of this machine is 1500rpm and the machine only has limited speed steps, 2000rpm, 2500rpm etc. This is not a precise machine and will not suit slow cut techniques or situations where more control over machine speed is required.

Comes with 'D' handle only.

Virtually BRAND NEW. Only an hour or so of testing/use. Works well.

Could make an excellent back up machine, or perfect for someone on a very tight budget.


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