Rotary Accessories Kit - rotary machine polishing accessories bundle (8 items) £11 saving

Dodo Juice


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No orbital machine for you, huh?

You've stepped up to the (rotary) polishing plate and now want to embark on another journey towards detailing dominance.

Well, you're in the right place.

This kit widens your rotary polishing gear with a selection of useful pads and backing plates.

Whether finishing, mildly polishing or aggressively cutting, you'll find something suitable within this collection - and it's cheaper than buying everything separately.


Contains: Supernatural 'Mini' 70mm M14 Backing Plate, Supernatural Mini Merino wool pad 80mm, Dodo Juice Green Fin 80mm heavy polishing pad, Dodo Juice Little Red 80mm finishing pad, Supernatural M14 Backing Plate 123mm, Green Fin Heavy Polishing Pad 150mm, Dodo Juice Maxi Mount M14 Backing Plate 150mm, Supernatural Maxi Merino wool cutting pad 150mm

(£91 list price of items = £11 saving)

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